She's About Her Business: Lakeisha Outten

Meet Lakeisha Outten


1. Describe your journey as the Business Owner of Her Appeal?

It has indeed been a journey. A journey that I’m wholeheartedly enjoying. I always knew someday I wanted to own a business but I didn’t know that I would have started with a beauty brand. Being a Business Owner has certainly had its ups and downs but when you’re in love with building your brand the journey is worth every hiccup. When my journey began in 2016, I knew that consistency, hard-work, and dedication would be the main ingredients needed to fuel my journey. Now, almost 5 years later I’m still on this journey looking forward to the next big thing. One of my favorite part of this journey is that it has taken me many places and allowed me to meet some amazing people who contributed to the success of my brand. I can conclude by saying once God is a part of your journey you will always see the manifestation of His work. 


 2. What inspired you to pivot from Hair Appeal to Her Appeal?

In 2018, Her Appeal started off as Hair Appeal. Our singular goal was to be the premier provider of the best quality hair and beauty products in The Bahamas. We saw the need to expand the business and now our singular mission is to 'Normalize Self-Care & Luxury for Bahamian Women.' We pride ourselves in helping Bahamian women to tap into what's already there and to add to their outer beauty. After much research and planning, we changed our name to Her Appeal as of November 1st, 2020. We want to focus on "HER" and in doing so Her Appeal will provide curated collection of the best products for HER because Bahamian women deserve the best of everything.


 3. State your personal style using one word.

Oh can I use two?  I would go with casual chic. Causal is comfortable and chic is always classy so you can’t go wrong. 

 4. Which color makes you feel powerful when you wear it and why?

Pink... pink is my forever favorite color. It's soft yet bold, easy to blend but stands out in its many shades. To me, pink represents femininity, love, and a breath of fresh air.  


 5. What quote/mantra helps you through your Entrepreneurial journey? 

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain


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