She's About Her Business: Mandisa Kerr

Meet Mandisa Kerr

IG, Twitter, LinkedIn & TikTok: @mandisafayola | FB & Clubhouse: Mandisa Smith

Mandisa Kerr utilizes her skill set and talent through multiple ventures. Whether it's performing on-stage, creating artistry through a make-up application, providing content and entertainment behind a podcast mic, or being a wife and mother — Mandisa Kerr is indeed a multifaceted being.

As a working Mom, how do you navigate running a business?

As an entrepreneur, it can get a bit difficult, but one thing that helps me to get through the day honestly is, making a list of everything thing that needs to be done... it’s so easy to get distracted with my kids in virtual school so I have to remind myself with a list, and I stick to it.

Beauty and fashion complement each other, as a professional Make-Up Artist (MUA), what's your greatest beauty tip?

My greatest and most favorite beauty tip will always be, “Simplicity is beauty”. This one line speaks volumes and can be interpreted and applied in so many ways.

You're a multi-faceted being and use your talent in various arenas, do you experience any challenges in this area? If so, how do you overcome them?

I experience some challenges by being what you call “multi-faceted”. I have also learned the hard way to not spread yourself thin and being multi-faceted, that is quite difficult. So I overcame this but leveling with myself and focusing on priorities that came with revenue. Once those are secured, then I will then put my focus on something I know will bring revenue but just need attention to do so.

Describe your style.

I have never really paid attention to my style, until as of late... so I could be wrong lol but I think my style is “bold, trendy comfortable “ if that makes sense lol. As a full-figured woman I must always be completely comfortable in anything I wear... but look damn good wearing it!

What advice do you have for moms in business?

My advice for moms in business is to first, meditate in a quiet place before your day has to start. Make a list of your “to-do’s” and accomplish at least one-two a day and take mini-breaks. Because I’m still at home in virtual school I break when my kids break.



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