She's About Her Business: Megan Minus

Meet Megan Minus


1. Who is Megan Minus of Create Serendipity Inc.?

I am the leader, Executive Producer, Show Director and owner of the only female ran, turn-key, full Strategy, Planning & Live production firm in The Bahamas. The complete answer is from a very early age to present who I am has evolved block by block with all my education and experiences.  I am someone who strives for excellence, thinks with expansion in mind and outside the box, has a wildly creative imagination, rarely settles for “can’t” if ever, extremely work oriented and ambitious, and loves teaching and incorporating advice in my leadership style and brand.


  1. Describe your experience navigating today's business world as a Woman Entrepreneur. 

Early on in creating the objective for the brand, I decided the goal was not to be branded as a “woman in business” but rather to provide the best service and work in the business.  With that in mind, I will say being a woman in my predominantly male oriented field does require a certain aggressive nature and authoritative and decisive stance. However, I’ve adapted the behavior of not looking left or right at the competition, male or female, focusing on our own personal company goals. The practice of providing the best service, our business is 100% referral based, and to date with minimal marketing we have manage to maintain consistent return clients, new clients and global  brands.


  1. What's your go-to style/look for a day at work? 

I am a classic, always have been always will be.  Developing a love for fashion early from watching my mom, I love heels just as much as I love sneakers.  My go to look is usually a morphing of both, is “ dressy comfort” a thing lol? Go to looks are usually chic black and a great sneaker.  My philosophy, invest in great shoes and only buy what you love, style is personal and unique to the wearer.


  1. Which color makes you feel powerful when you wear it and why?

 Black, dark black, black black and all things black.  Its chic, graceful, powerful, sexy and in my industry we are meant to be behind the scenes, its the perfect color to be the magic behind the curtain.


  1. Which quote/mantra helps you get by during your workdays? 

“What’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly”  As a woman, especially as a leader we are often mansplained, bombarded and gas lite with so many opinions, the quote is a reminder for me to stick to my gut instincts, to not be easily persuaded and to remember my unique purpose.

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