She's About Her Business: Sherice Major

Meet Sherice Major


SHESOMAJOR has a strong brand presence, every company has its story - please share your own.

The SHESOMAJOR brand started organically over 10 years ago, but we have changed so much since then. We started as an entertainment blog and throughout the changing seasons and social landscape, we have evolved with it.  The brand was built off of the things we loved and has always strived to be an authentic voice that provides authentic and entertaining content. Due to the pandemic, we have pivoted our focus, and we are now an e-commerce website that aims to provide affordable elevated lifestyle essentials for the every day woman.  We loved providing content, but now we’re providing our loyal community with products and it’s exciting! 

What has been your greatest lesson as an Entrepreneur?

Failure has taught me more than success ever has, and that’s quite possibly one of the greatest lessons that I have learned as an entrepreneur. There are so many times that I have failed, but because I embraced those moments, I was able to learn from my mistakes and build something greater. Failure has a bad reputation, but remember to have failed, you must have tried, and that to me is success. You get to try again, but with more intel and hopefully this time you succeed. 

You've made a previous pivot in business, what inspired that move?

The pandemic certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone and presented an opportunity that was timed to perfection. It allowed me to see beyond my current limitations, and my fears and I went for it. I have talked myself out of e-commerce more times than I would like to share, it’s almost embarrassing. While it’s certainly been an unfortunate turn of events, I can say I was able to turn a crisis into an opportunity. 

Your Instagram grid is filled with colors, travel inspo, beauty, and of course STYLE! How do you describe your personal style?

My personal style, in my opinion is simple, classic, and timeless. I’m very basic, but you will remember me. I will buy the same t-shirt, dress, and shoes a million times because, I like what I like and I know what works for me. My wardrobe is a myriad of pieces that can be worn in any season, or handed down through generations. If you’re looking for a trendy girl, it is not I!

Which quote/mantra helps you through your Entrepreneurial journey?

It definitely has to be, "if you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready”, because I’m constantly looking at the next thing. I’m never satisfied with the present and I’m always ready for whatever opportunity that comes my way.

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