She's About Her Business: Tachelle Sealey

Meet Tachelle Sealey

Red Creased Up Belted Vest Suit

Where can people learn more about who you are and what you do as a professional?

On all socials, @buysellwithchelle . I’m a real estate professional servicing all of South Florida. 

Who are some personal icons of empowered women to you & what sets them apart?

There are so many but to name a few would be Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, Angela Rye, Stacey Abrams, and its mostly because of the monumental things they've all done for women and equality.

Which color makes you feel powerful when you wear it and why?

Whenever I wear all white. It’s risky but I always feel classy, sophisticated and empowered when I do.

Chelle Pencil Skirt

What is your go-to-look for a normal work day?

Lately, my go-to look has been a satin button down, leather pants and a pair of heels. Simple and quick. I also always have a pair of sneakers in my car because I can only last a few hours in my heels.

What is a quote that motivates you to be your best self?

“Nothing will work unless you do” -  Maya Angelou 

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